Take advantage of our low interest solar loan packages! 

Consumers with a good roof profile and usage patterns can expect to reduce their cash outgoings straight away. Even with finance your total payments over the year could be less than they are today … and with zero deposit, no ongoing monthly fees and no early termination fees to approved applicants what else is there to consider? Ask how you can take advantage of low interest rate finance options.

**Available to approved applicants only**


With long term life equipment, like solar, rental is the most common finance solution. The reason for this is the taxation department ruling that solar must be depreciated over 20 years. The solar rental program through PSI will finance the ex-GST portion of your customers purchase price and 100% of their payments are tax deductible. While we must charge GST on rental payments, this is claimed back by your customer in their quarterly BAS statement making making rental the lowest finance cost option over five years. With rental the asset is owned by the finance company and does not appear on the balance sheet giving your client more financial leverage to continue to purchase other assets to operate their business.

The other main option, which may be appropriate for your client, is a Chattel Mortgage. In this option your client purchases the goods, including the full upfront GST payment, and brings the solar asset onto their asset register providing the finance company a mortgage over the goods. The amount financed is the whole amount including GST so the finance base is higher and the consequent payments slightly higher. The main advantage to this style of finance is the big ‘GST hit’ in the quarter your client purchases the asset. Your client claims 100% of the GST paid on the purchase price in their next BAS statement receiving a GST refund which typically will cover four or five monthly instalments – or often used to pay down the loan. The main downside to this facility is you can only claim depreciation and interest as a tax deduction.

While similar in operation to rental this option is generally selected only when a residual is required. This can be handy for your clients if payments need to be lower and they are happy to either pay a residual or roll the residual into a second lease period. 


No Deposit required

No need for additional/separate grant from Government

GST claimable on BAS

Automatic approval for Government Schools

Solar rental program with major Australian Bank

Ownership reverts to your school at the end of the rental period of 10 years